Rutgers One Statement on the Crisis at Rutgers

The crisis we are seeing play out today is only a symptom of a top-down management style which ignores the values that higher education should champion. Rutgers management consistently fails to engage in meaningful dialogue with faculty, staff , students and community.

Faculty have called attention to a pattern over many years of fostering an imbalance between athletics and academics.

Students surveyed by the Rutgers strategic planning survey list diversity as a top priority, high above athletics.

Faculty have also expressed their frustration at the Administration’s failure to promote faculty diversity.

Skyrocketing tuition and debt make students the unrepresented stakeholders at Rutgers.

Students and unions at Rutgers have called for tuition equity for New Jersey’s undocumented students, but the Administration has declined to support legislative action in Trenton.

Staff find that bullying is rewarded and whistleblowing is not protected.

Rutgers One supports a Rutgers with three excellent campuses. We should not reinforce the old pattern of inequity for resoures available to Newark and Camden.
The crisis we see today is an ongoing one, and Rutgers One calls for community-wide participation in decisions affecting the University.

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